Saturday, April 20, 2013

Illuminati Blood Sacrifices List PT 1 To become t...

Illuminati Blood Sacrifices List PT 1

To become the wealthiest ($20 million+ club) for a higher position and royalty from the elite, you need to make a human (blood sacrifice).

Kanye West - his mom.
Nas - his mom.
Jay-Z - his nephew.
Damon Dash - Aahliyah
James Prince - Pimp C.
T.I - his cousin, Dolla, friend.
Suge Knight - Tupac
Diddy - Biggie Smalls
Ludacris - Camouflage
Lady Gaga - Lina Morgana
Nicki Minaj - her cousin.
Bruce Springsteen - his cousin.
The Game - Billboard
Eminem - Proof.
50 Cent - Jam Master Jay
Dr. Dre - Nate Dogg, his son.
Drake - his uncle.
KRS-One - Scott La’Rock
Dizzee Rascal - his ex girlfriend.
Keanu Reeves - his ex girlfriend.
Ashton Kutcher - his ex girlfriend.
Megan Fox - her ex boyfriend.
Meryl Streep - her ex boyfriend.
Alicia Keys - her friend.
Akon - his friend.
Heidi Montag - Dr. Ryan
Bill Cosby - his son.
Lamar Odom - his son, cousin.
Matt Bryant - his son.
John Travolta - his son.
Eddie Levert - his son.
John Travolta- his son.
Marie Osmond - her son.
Eric Clapton - his son.
Robert Plant - his son.
Prince - his son, his father.
Anna Nicole Smith - her son.
Taraji Henson - her son’s father.
Obama - his grandmother

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